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With 2016 well and truly over, it is time for the designers, developers and digital marketers out there to start thinking about 2017, with creative trends expected to shift dramatically over the course of the next year. Here at Mobo we go to great lengths to stay at the helm of design trends, only building forward-thinking websites that best celebrate our client’s online.

It is no secret that the online space is constantly evolving and maturing, with designers around the globe having the progress innovation with every creation. With that in mind we at Mobo have created a run down of the most important industry changes creatives need to prepare for.

Mobile-first approach

While we understand the need for responsive design, 2017 will place more focus on mobile design that ever before. Labelled ‘mobile-first’ this trend will stand the ultimate test of time, with more and more users accessing web pages on smartphones and tablets.

With smaller screens, the way web designers build sites will no doubt change, with core content and message of the site needing to be relayed quickly, with less words. Cutting out all that mumbo jumbo that traditionally clogs up pages, designs of homepage in particular will be cleaned up, with the use of white space and minimal use of icons expected to fill the web.

The decline of stock imagery

Websites such as Shutterstock and Pexels have for years assisted creative agencies in their imagery needs. However, due to overuse, that stock image feel is becoming a little conventional, with companies opting for the more homegrown, realistic view. Achieved through photography mainly, 2017 is set to open up a whole world of raw imagery, and we at Purple Buffalo cannot wait to get involved!

Outlandish colours

Most websites of the past decade have worked with two colours and two fonts, with all branding materials following suit. With designers wanting to impress all, the trend has been to create images that are digestible, not intellectually challenging or encourage a negative response. According to sources, outlandish colours will take a front seat in 2017, with luminous yellows, incredible lime greens and two-tones all making an appearance.

As a way to encourage brand recognition, these ambitious colours work well in capturing the attention of the user. However, it is not just our marketing styles that have encouraged an influx of rich colours. Due to advancements in screens and monitors, the web can transfer and deliver a bigger range of colours than ever before, seeing web designers’ colour pallets getting bigger and better with each year that passes.

Bold typography

As big believers in the power of content, we understand the need to dress important information up, with typography giving our designers the ability to do just that. As a powerful visual medium, typography can cement personality, evoke emotion as set a tone in which the rest of the design follows, making it an integral piece of the web design puzzle.

In 2017, we are expecting to see bigger, bolder typography, with the daring nature of the modern designer making the web a very exciting place of late.

Scrolling and parallax

As you will have seen from many of the Purple Buffalo designs, we are huge fans of the parallax style, believing it to take the users on a great journey.

In a recent article entitled ‘what is next for digital design?’ the writer praises scrolling and parallax designs for their versatility.

‘Scrolling is a versatile mechanic which (when executed well) can work great with all varieties of content delivery. It works with video based content, where large full screen videos play and pause as the user scrolls, as well as static content, which can animate, move, or change depending on the users in’.

While not a new feature to the space, scrolling and parallax sites are allegedly to dominate web design next year. Providing a more creative fashion to deliver content and imagery to the user, the dated view of keeping certain content ‘above the fold’ is well and truly a thing of the past.

If you are interested in learning more about web design options available to you, contact us at Mobo today.


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